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By Dr Craig Dalzell on 24th Jul 2016

 Craig talks about the citizens income and some other options...

By Gordon Murray on 23rd Jul 2016

Donald’s visit to Scotland on the day after the EU referendum was, ostensibly, to shout about the £200 million upgrade to make “Turnberry Great Again”. Is this how Scotland will remember him in the decades and centuries to come; the Lighthouse luxury suites at £3500 night, low season of course, that none but the mega-rich can take advantage of? 

By Gordon Murray on 19th Jun 2016

On the 17th June, 2016, Patrick Harvie wrote a piece for his weekly column in The National (Patrick Harvie: Brexit will not be good for our planet)  that Jim Sillars tried to discredit with a letter the following day.  Gordon Murray replied to Sillars and snippets of his letter were printed in the National - this article con tains the full text. 

By Craig Dalzell on 9th Jun 2016

 Are EU In or Out? A Green Questions and Answers Guide by Dr Craig Dalzell.

By Janet Moxley on 3rd Jun 2016

 The SNP and its supporters seem to be getting increasingly contorted trying to explain why the party won’t clearly come out in favour of banning unconventional gas extraction. Over the last year the party and its faithful supporters have ducked and dived trying to give reasons why Scotland is going to have to put up with being fracked. This is very odd from a party whose supporters were fired up to campaign against fracking and TTIP (of which more later) after the Independence Referendum in 2014. 

By Gordon Murray on 2nd Jun 2016

The Nuclear- Free Local Authorities reported by the Sunday Herald at the weekend on the risks posed by terrorist attacks on nuclear plants and shipments of radioactive material calls for the distribution of iodine tablets to the more populated areas of Scotland in addition to those living in the three kilometre radius of nuclear plants. This is as reassuring as the Government’s ‘Protect and Survive' advice almost four decades ago on how to survive a nuclear strike when we were told to paint your walls of your house white and hide under the kitchen table. 

By Kirsten Robb on 29th Apr 2016

 Scottish Greens Central Scotland candidate Kirsten Robb says gender equality in the workplace will ultimately benefit everyone

By Craig Dalzell on 28th Apr 2016

 South Lanarkshire Green Party member Craig Dalzell has written a policy document for the Common Weal on the Economics of Shale Gas Extraction. One conclusion  is  that"The economics of fracking are highly vulnerable to global gas prices and may actually cost more in public subsidies than they generate in tax revenue or even profits."

By Sarah Beattie- Smith on 20th Feb 2016



Holyrood 2016
By Dr Craig Dalzell on 24th Jan 2016

 In the week that the Scottish Green Party launches its #ThisCouldBeHomeCampaign, Craig looks at the campaign to get houses build on derelict land and why we need to ensure that energy bills and the other ongoing costs of running any new houses are kept at an absolute minimum.

This Could Be Home