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This blog is a mixture of entries written by members of the branch and of links to blog entries from other sources.

By Shivali Fifield. Photograph of geese on proposed site, courtesy of Pam McLeod. on 21st Jan 2016

On the 21st October 2015, Fordmouth Renewables Limited lodged a planning application with South Lanarkshire Council for the installation of a solar farm and associated hydrogen production and storage facility, south of Dippool Farmhouse Carnwath, consisting of 20,000 solar panels across an area of 20 hectares (50 acres).

Energy, Planning
By Janet Moxley on 13th Jan 2016

In case you haven’t noticed it’s been pretty wet across the UK this winter. As a kayaker I usually like a bit more rain than most, but when people are being flooded out of their homes and infrastructure seriously damaged it stops being fun!

By Craig Dalzell on 12th Jan 2016

 David Mundell, who is currently crowing that the Smith Commission has been delivered “in full”, has just blocked a key element of it. In this article, Craig highlights the hypocrisy and shortsightedness of Mundell's action.

An Arbitary Failure
By Kirsten Robb, lead candidate for Central Region, Holyrood 2016 on 7th Jan 2016

 So, in response to a member's question about what makes our lead candidate smile and her reflections on the year gone and the year ahead, this is what Kirsten Robb told us…

By Dr Craig Dalzell on 7th Jan 2016

No, the EU didn't just ban alcohol minimum pricing... but even if they did, we can still do something.

Welfare, Economy
By Gordon Murray on 17th Dec 2015

This letter, by one of our members, was first published in The National on 15 December 2015. You can go to the article here:


Climate change, Energy
By Kirsten Robb on 24th Nov 2015

This Saturday, ahead of UN climate change talks, Kirsten outlines  why we need you to join other local people marching for action on this, the biggest threat and opportunity of our time. Action on climate change matters for people in South Lanarkshire. It's time for real action - an opportunity that our leaders should grasp to safeguard the climate, tackle social justice and create thousands of new low carbon jobs here.  

By Craig Dalzell on 14th Nov 2015

 Westminster has claimed that the Scotland Bill 2015 shall make Scotland “one of the most powerful devolved governments in the world”. In this article Craig focuses on the powers over taxation devolved to the Scottish Parliament as this area will be undergoing several rapid changes over the next few years and much of the confusion amongst members of the public has arisen from the conflation of several phases of devolution.

By Stefan Murray on 14th Nov 2015

We must embrace renewable energy in all forms in order to reduce our reliance on the finite nature of fossil fuels and uranium, to combat climate change, obtain energy security and better adapt the current consumers’ lifestyle to the principles of sustainability.

Climate change, Energy
By Janet Moxley on 13th Nov 2015

Janet Moxley reflects how Land Reform could bring improvements to the community, even in a  small, fairly prosperous, rural town like her home town of Biggar.