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Apply for an allotment in South Lanarkshire

Want South Lanarkshire Council to take your desire for more allotments seriously? Then tell them you’d like an allotment – here’s the very short form. 

Glasgow Real Nappy Network

Clarkston Beanscene

Contact Jacqueline at

East Kilbride Development Trust

East Kilbride Development Trust is about improving our town. Our first project is around food growing but if you have an idea to improve your bit of EK or want help to tackle a burning issue, then find out more and get in touch at the web link here.

Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful is an environmental charity which aims to achieve litter free and sustainable environments throughout Scotland. It runs seven programmes:

Find your representatives

Type in your postcode and this site will identify your Councillors, MP, MEPs and MSPs and provide a link to allow you to contact them via email.

Sustainable Scotland Network

The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is a network of sustainable development officers and advocates from Scottish local authorities.

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