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Jim Sillars’ Brexit Campaign Based on False Claims

Gordon Murray
on : 
19th Jun 2016
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19th Jul 2016

 Jim Sillars’ reply (Tory party will tear itself apart if there is a Brexit, Saturday June 18) to Patrick Harvie’s excellent column last Friday, fails on several accounts, the most telling being the idea that the middle classes will protect us from future Tory attacks on workers’ rights.

Remembering Hiroshima and the lessons still to learn...

Jim Connell, Holyrood Candidate for Central Scotland
on : 
6th Aug 2015
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30th Sep 2015

My uncle was a prisoner of the Imperial Japanese Military for 6 years. For the rest of his life he had a burning hatred for the Japanese and all things Japanese.

His generation (and subsequent generations) believed that the dropping of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary actions and forced the Japanese military to surrender. This was not the case. 

No Fracking Falkirk Demo

Outside Ineos in Grangemouth

 No fracking demo

Meeting for North Lanarkshire members

The Counting House, George Square, Glasgow

 This is a meeting for North Lanarkshire members of the Scottish Green Party. It's to meet new members and to discuss the future for a North Lannarkshire sub-branch

Introduction to Fundraising

Pollock Park, Glasgow

This one day course aims to help you turn your community development ideas into effective fundraising applications.


 A charity which supports community projects on conservation, greenspace and growing with advice, insurance, training and grants

Biggar Burn flooding threat to access road for new houses

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Fri, 2011-12-23
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22nd Jan 2012
Lanark Gazette
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 Coverage of the problem of severe flooding on the main access road to new housing at Rowhead Quarry, Biggar which was approved despite objections on the grounds that the access was inadequate from local residents including Green campaigner Janet Moxley.


A registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals. Lots of help and advice on community greenspace projects with a more UK-wide focus than Greenspace Scotland.

Greenspace Scotland

 A social enterprise and an independent charitable company which works with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities. Lots of help and advice for voluntary groups working on greenspace projects.  

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