We need to talk about a negative income tax

Dr Craig Dalzell
on : 
24th Jul 2016
Bulletin item expiry date: 
29th Aug 2016

Are EU In or Out? EU Referendum Guide

Craig Dalzell
on : 
9th Jun 2016
Bulletin item expiry date: 
9th Jul 2016

 Are EU In or Out? A Green Questions and Answers Guide by Dr Craig Dalzell.

No, the EU didn't just ban alcohol minimum pricing...

Dr Craig Dalzell
on : 
7th Jan 2016
Bulletin item expiry date: 
29th Feb 2016

No, the EU didn't just ban alcohol minimum pricing... but even if they did, we can still do something.

Oxfam Scotland

 Oxfam Scotland have written a number of reports on poverty and inequalities in Scotland, including the Humankind Index and Even it Up.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. In the last couple of years, they have done some insightful and challenging work on housing, poverty and climate justice in the UK.

Greener Scotland

 Greener Scotland has loads of tips and tricks for going greener in home energy, transport, food and waste.

Global Footprint Network

An ecological or environmental footprint measures the amount of nature's resources an individual, community or a country consumes on a given year. This includes the amount of land and water needed to produce the goods consumed and assimilate/absorb the wastes generated. The world is currently consuming 1.6 planets, with the UK average at 3.5.
The Global Footprint Network is the think tank which first established the data-driven metric and calculates Footprint Accounts to help us work towards a one-planet future.

Zero Carbon Britain

Zero Carbon Britain is the flagship research project from the Centre for Alternative Technology, showing that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using technology available today.
You can find their latest reports and resources

The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff Project started in 2007 and has created a number of short on-line animations that vividly highlight the difficulties of contemporary consumerism, and offer alternative possibilities of a more sharing society working for a healthy and just planet.

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