Fuel poverty

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Dr Craig Dalzell
on : 
24th Jan 2016

Why 'frack or freeze' is a false choice

councillor Mark Ruskell, Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for Mid-Scotland and Fife, responds to a CommonSpace column by Calum miller calling for more debate on fracking. He convincingly argues that energy efficient housing is the only way to address fuel poverty and reduce GHG emissions.

Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scoland campaign to prevent homelessness and improve housing policy across all strategic areas. There are a number of ways you can get involved and learn more about how homelessness, housing and inequalities are interlinked.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. In the last couple of years, they have done some insightful and challenging work on housing, poverty and climate justice in the UK.

Andy Wightman talk on Land Matters

Elphinston Hotel, Biggar

 Land rights campaigner Andy Wightman will be speaking on the Common Good assets of former Burghs such as Biggar, how and how to find out what these are and ensure that they are used to benefit local communities. SLC says Biggar has no Common Good Assets we believe that it does as the Public Park and the Burnbraes as well as some other sites would seem to meet the criteria. 

Greens see "Huge Role" for Small Scale Renewables.

News date: 
18th Apr 2012

Janet Moxley, Green Party candidate for Clydesdale East, in the forthcoming council elections is calling for South Lanarkshire council to use small scale renewables to cut fuel bills from its own properties and help householders do likewise.

Energy Usage

Reducing the energy used by buildings and operations means that less fuel needs to be used, so money is saved and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Greens call for free insulation for all

Release date: 
20th Dec 2010
Lanarkshire Greens

The recent news from Citizens Advice Scotland (1) that one in three Scots now live in fuel poverty has led to renewed calls from the Lanarkshire Greens for government and the power companies to stop people being forced to chose between heating their homes and eating. Kirsten Robb said, “

BOILER SCHEME: EK homes will miss out if Scotland falls further behind Westminster

Release date: 
8th Jan 2010
Lanarkshire Greens Media Release

EK Greens are urging Scottish Ministers to follow the lead set by UK Ministers, who announced the details (1) of their boiler scrappage scheme for England and Wales last week (Tues). The scheme was a response to the Reheat Britain campaign, backed by Greens across the UK. (2)

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