Jim Sillars’ Brexit Campaign Based on False Claims

Gordon Murray
on : 
19th Jun 2016
Bulletin item expiry date: 
19th Jul 2016

 Jim Sillars’ reply (Tory party will tear itself apart if there is a Brexit, Saturday June 18) to Patrick Harvie’s excellent column last Friday, fails on several accounts, the most telling being the idea that the middle classes will protect us from future Tory attacks on workers’ rights.
This is Jim’s bulwark against the few remaining workplace rights that our forbearers fought so hard to secure. Forget about the protection given by EU employment legislation and trust that the most reactionary Conservative government in modern British history, headed up by Boris and his chums, will quake at the sight of the middle classes. Did this social group prevent the emasculation of the Unions after the Battle of Orgreave, Jim?
 Just over one month ago Royal Assent was given to the Trade Union Bill and is now the Trade Union Act 2016. The Bill was described last September, by the Conservative MP David Davis - a leading Brexit campaigner, as like something out of Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. I did not see the  middle classes at the barricades. In fact, the enactment of this insidious piece of legislation flew under the radar almost unnoticed despite being condemned by The British Institute of Human Rights, Liberty and Amnesty International.
Jim also tells us that we will be safe from the Tories after Brexit because the Party can be relied upon to go into meltdown. This will be a dream of nirvana to many but how realistic is it? To rely on it as a means of securing workers’ rights is nothing short of reckless. The Tories will have their internal struggle but a new order will quickly emerge and it will not be a pleasant sight. Their strength is with their solidarity and unity of purpose and this quality has been shown time and again.
For Jim to blame the loss of jobs at Carron Phoenix on EU laws is disingenuous and just as a silly as his denial of climate change. The flight of capital and the ability of companies, particularly transnationals, to relocate elsewhere has nothing to do with the EU and more to do with global capitalism.
Jim Sillars’ references to  the closure of Grangemouth and the North Sea Oil industry as being “the logical position of the Greens” is completely false. Grangemouth would not close as it would be retooled to use synthetic gas and the Greens are certainly not responsible for the decline and loss of jobs in the oil industry. Quite the opposite. The Greens would oversee a slow transition to industries based on low carbon technologies. This would create 30 percent more jobs compared to that in the fossil fuel industry.
Jim Sillars’ not only knows nothing of Climate change but his knowledge of Green Party policy is also non-existent.  Come on Jim, you can do better than this, you owe it to the Leave Campaign.