Lanarkshire Trident Demos: Scotland must join global ban on nuclear weapons

News date: 
20th Jul 2016

 After Monday's vote at Westminster which committed the UK to renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system, the local branch of the Scottish Green Party are calling on all attending the recent demos in East Kilbride, Rutherglen, Hamilton and Biggar, to continue to work together to ensure nuclear weapons have no future in Scotland or across the world. 
Kirsten Robb of South Lanarkshire Greens said, "We were delighted to be joined on Saturday by people from at least four political parties as well as church groups, Radical Independence EK, other groups and concerned individuals. The diverse crowd were united in opposition to spending £200 billion plus on a new Trident programme.Trident missiles are weapons of mass destruction - there should be no place for them travelling around Lanarkshire's roads, or being based here or anywhere in the world."

Those attending the East Kilbride demo handed out leaflets and chatted to local people about Trident. People were encouraged to write down alternative spending options for the £200 billion - suggestions ranged from housing, to the NHS, to education and public services. Demo participantshad also crafted a somewhat cheaper nuclear rocket, costing £1.75, covered with alternative spending plans and billed as 'the only safe one in Scotland'..
Kirsten highlighted the opportunities for anti-Trident campaigners to work together again in the future, "We saw on Saturday that there is still work to be done to raise awareness of the threat of nuclear weapons and how it does not meet the real security issues of today. Many people attending have been committed nuclear campaigners for some time and I know we'll continue to do more events and outreach together in the coming months and years so Scotland can join the 127 other nations who have pledged to ban nuclear weapons." (1)
Mark Ruskell MSP, the Scottish Greens’ climate, energy and environment spokesperson concluded:
“In the Scottish Parliament Green MSPs secured a majority for a constitutional ban on nuclear weapons in an independent Scotland and we are continuing to work with politicians from across the parties for a nuclear weapon free Scotland. We’ll also keep on campaigning outside of Holyrood with various groups to peacefully ensure that Trident remains a thorny issue in Scotland for years to come.”

19th Aug 2016