South Lan Greens at Biggar and Carnwath Agricultural Shows

News date: 
31st Jul 2016

So, it's that time again when the agricultural shows come to South Lanarkshire, and there the Greens were, in between the livestock and tractors! The aim was threefold: to raise our profile among the farming community, to raise Janet Moxley's profile towards the council elections next May; and most importantly, to chat to local folk and ask them what mattered to them.
As you can imagine, there was a diverse range of interests and concerns: from local planning and bus routes, to fracking and, as always - the lovers and haters of wind turbines! Yes, nothing new in the conversations but we were out there listening - not talking at folk.
The Common Cause advocates solving 'bigger-than self' problems, such as climate change, through intrinsic values-based communication, highlighting the interconnectedness of social and environmental justice. Only then can we move willingly towards a deeper level of social and environmental committment and address the gross inequalities we find ourselves in.
It's not easy to listen and find the common ground with someone I don't agree with. I have to quell my desire to interrrupt and show them where they're wrong and I'm right, convinced that I can persuade them to see my point of view. But I probably won't, in the same way they won't convince me that they're right and I'm wrong. But, perhaps I can identify a common value, a common concern that we can both agree on, through which I can then introduce the Green philosophy? It's got to be worth a try? 

30th Aug 2016