South Lanarkshire Greens: Branch Officers elected for 2016/17

News date: 
6th Jul 2016

Branch Officers for 2016/2017
At the AGM on the 30th of June we elected four branch officers for the South Lanarkshire Green Party:
• Ruth Thomas was elected as female Co-convenor (<
• James Thornbury was elected as male Co-convenor (
• John Horne was re-elected as Treasurer.
• Kirsten Robb was elected as Membership Secretary (
In addition, Kirsten will be leading the branch on the topic of member outreach and engagement, so if you have any ideas for good events or other ways to get people involved (and entertain them) then please email her!
There are a number of additional roles that the branch will need filled for the coming year, and over the next few weeks we’ll be contact you with information on what they are, what needs done and how to get involved. Stay tuned for more info.
Political Strategy Meeting – Are You Interested?
Given the unprecedented political situation at present, the branch intends to hold a political strategy meeting to discuss our path forward and learn from past experience. The first half of this meeting will focus on reviewing the Holyrood 2016 campaign to develop best practice, while the second half will focus entirely on the elections ahead. The intent is to develop a roadmap through to the 2017 Council elections and beyond, and to plan strategically for how we can achieve good results at the polls.
Does this interest you? Would you like to attend this meeting and contribute to our branch’s political plan? Contact so he can organise a venue appropriate for the numbers interested. 

5th Aug 2016