Join Scotland's Green Party

By joining the Scottish Green Party, you are joining a community that is seeking to make a difference not only within Scotland but within Europe and world-wide. Greens believe in action individually, locally, nationally and internationally.  In order to achieve the kinds of changes that are desperately needed for sustainable living, we need genuinely Green representation in local council chambers, at Holyrood, at Westminster and in Brussels.
No-one but the Scottish Green Party and our sister parties in England and Wales, in Ireland and in Europe will deliver that representation. If you want Green change, you need Green representation.
We have made a start. With consistent Green representation in Europe, in Holyrood and now in Westminster, as well as locally in Scotland, we are making our voices heard. Help us to increase the volume. We need more Greens at Holyrood and Westminister and we need to move Greens to the centre of power locally.
The Greens of England and Wales having taken its first Westminster seat (Brighton Pavillion), we are positive about future campaigns in Scotland, including Glasgow and in the West of Scotland.  To do this, we need money and above all we need people to make their own voices heard.
Join us today.