Hamilton North and East By-election Results

News date: 
31st Jan 2016

Congratulations to Steven Hannigan coming fourth in the Hamilton North and East By-election held on Thursday 21st January.

Hamilton South by-election results

News date: 
13th Aug 2015

  On Aug 6th, John Kane stood as the Greens' candidate in the by-election for the Hamilton South ward of South Lanarkshire Council. The result was a win for the SNP, with John coming a creditable fourth with 3% of first choice votes - beating both the Liberal Democrats and UKIP. 

2017 council elections campaign meeting

Wallace Tea Rooms, Broomgate, Lanark

The 2017 council elections may seem a long way ahead, but election success doesn't come from 6 weeks of campaigning just before an election, it comes from spending time getting the Green message out. If you would like to be involved in our 2017 campaign or would like to consider being a Green candidate in 2017 come along and find out more.

Greens to contest Clydesdale South by election - 5th June 2014

News date: 
28th May 2014

You might have thought that after the Euro-elections there would be time to get our breath before the next elections, but with bearly time for our feet to touch the ground we have a council by-election in the Clydesdale South ward (Douglas/Rigside/Lesmahagow area) on Thurs 5th May.

Why I'm standing for election

At the last local election, I needed a ‘none of the above’ option on the ballot paper and it me several minutes to spoil my ballot paper by leaving a message to each candidate. This time I’m making sure there is someone I want to vote for.

Andy Wightman talk on Land Matters

Elphinston Hotel, Biggar

 Land rights campaigner Andy Wightman will be speaking on the Common Good assets of former Burghs such as Biggar, how and how to find out what these are and ensure that they are used to benefit local communities. SLC says Biggar has no Common Good Assets we believe that it does as the Public Park and the Burnbraes as well as some other sites would seem to meet the criteria. 

Clydesdale South council by-election

Clydesdale South

 Ruth Thomas will be standing for the Greens in the by-election in the Rigside, Douglas and Lesmahagow area.

Euro election leafletting Symington/Thankerton

Meet Symington Post Office

 Last push with the branch EU newsletters. The aim is to do Symington and Thankerton. (Note that this is Symington S Lanarkshire not Symington Ayrshire) and that the PO is closer to the A72 than shown on Google maps.

Greens name Clydesdale South by-election candidate.

News date: 
28th Apr 2014

Lanarkshire Greens have announced that Ruth Thomas will be their candidate in the Clydesdale South council by-election to be held on 5th June.
Ruth will be campaigning for more openness in the council following the recent equal pay case in which the council spent hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to stop low paid workers getting the money which they had earned, and the scandal in which SLC was fobbed off with inadequate restoration bonds for opencast mines which were abandoned which Scottish Coal went bankrupt.

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