Voluntary sector

Social Media and Your Charity

Wiston Lodge, Wiston, Clydesdale

 This course considers the rapid development of the world of social media and explores its practical applications for your charity. Drawing on good practice examples from around the globe, you will learn how to position your organisation, promote your cause and support your fundraising through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Greens help empower Clydesdale

Green candidate for Clydesdale East, Janet Moxley, was one of the presenters at a Community Empowerment event held recently in Biggar. Janet, who chairs Friends of Burnbraes Park, and members of Lanark Playpark Action Group shared their experiences of improving their local parks.

There was considerable interest from community groups working to improve their parks at the event which was attended by representatives of groups from across Clydesdale as well as a range of politicians.

Live and Learn

Ballerup Hall, East Kilbride

A 'One Stop Shop' for the Third Sector in South Lanarkshire with funding advice from many of the major funders, free interactive workshops from local voluntary groups and charities and plenty of information stalls giving out free advice and information.

Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire e-bulletin

The newly formed Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire does a useful weekly bulletin, filled with information on Funding; Training and sharing News about VASLan or information about the Third Sector. You can subscribe to it at their website. If you have anything in your organisation that you wish to promote, please email the details to Heather.Petrie@vaslan.org.uk


 A charity which supports community projects on conservation, greenspace and growing with advice, insurance, training and grants

Scottish Action for Education and Development

Loads of resources on community action, climate change and other issues from all over the world and here in Scotland.

Events organisation, management & promotion

Chatelherault Country Park

Free course run by BTCV. Book with Gerry.Devaney@southlanarkshire.gov.uk by 16th Jan.


A registered charity which works to improve parks and green spaces by raising awareness, involving communities and creating skilled professionals. Lots of help and advice on community greenspace projects with a more UK-wide focus than Greenspace Scotland.

Greenspace Scotland

 A social enterprise and an independent charitable company which works with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities. Lots of help and advice for voluntary groups working on greenspace projects.  

Top tips on asset tranfer

Communities around the UK which have empowered themselves - have in common that they own and manage assets. Excellent collection of advice and tips on asset transfer from 8 experts in Guardian online.

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