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 Greener Scotland has loads of tips and tricks for going greener in home energy, transport, food and waste.

Sustainable Food. Public talk by Pete Ritchie, Nourish Scotland and Whitmuir Organics

Biggar Snooker and Social Club, Howieson Square, High St, Biggar

Pete Ritchie of Nourish and Whitmuir Organics will give a talk on sustainable food production. This is a public meeting open to members and non-members.

Free but donations welcome.

Biggar Show

The Showground, Edinburgh Rd, Biggar

Lanarkshire Greens  will be having a stall at Biggar Show. All helpers welcome, or just come along, say hello and find out more about what we're up to. Biggar Show is a great day out - crafts, displays, animals and refreshments and children's activities.

Andy Wightman talk on Land Matters

Elphinston Hotel, Biggar

 Land rights campaigner Andy Wightman will be speaking on the Common Good assets of former Burghs such as Biggar, how and how to find out what these are and ensure that they are used to benefit local communities. SLC says Biggar has no Common Good Assets we believe that it does as the Public Park and the Burnbraes as well as some other sites would seem to meet the criteria. 

Wiston Lodge outdoor spectular

Wiston Lodge, Wiston, Clydesdale

The political interest at this year's Wiston Lodge Outdoor Spectacular on Sat 22nd June will be a discussion between Robin McAlpine of the Reid Foundation, Dennis Canavan of Yes Scotland and Janet Moxley of Lanarkshire Greens on the Reid Fo

How Strong Is Lanark's Food Chain?

Release date: 
10th Mar 2013
Jim Ferguson

Two stories in the Gazette this week reminded us of an old quote that ‘Agriculture is the Mother of all Arts’. The food chain is ignored until it is in the headlines. While it is wonderful that local people have rallied together to set up a Food Bank for the Clydesdale area, it is shocking that it is a necessity. We need to make changes in policy to ensure that in a rich country like Scotland, everyone has enough food to eat.

Greens ask: What's making people eat cheap, poor quality meat?

News date: 
17th Feb 2013

Behind the food scare stories there lies a fundamental question about why people buy cheap food without knowing its origins. Asking around some Green activists has produced the following thoughts.

Wants & Wishes: Glasgow Local Food Network Meeting

Glad Cafe, 1006A Pollockshaws Rd, Glasgow

Locavore would like to invite you to the next meeting of the Glasgow Local Food Network at The Glad Cafe on the Southside on Sunday 10th February from 5.30pm – 10pm. It will be an evening of networking, experience sharing, short films and some tasty local food. The event is being hosted for the network by Locavore with the theme “Wishes and Wants”.

Bothwell Growers Beekeeping talk

Bothwell Parish Church

Spring build up and swarm control. - What should you be doing to give your bees the best start.
Talk by lain Craig. Iain is a very experienced beekeeper from Renfrewshire 

Local butcher backs Green support for Scottish lamb

News date: 
31st Jan 2013

Lanark butcher Michael Shannon is backing a motion lodged lodged in the Scottish Parliament by Green MSP Alison Johnstone. Michael who sells meat produced on his farm under the Damn Delicious brand told the Lanark Gazette that he was angered by the fact the supermarkets had been taking the cheapest option by buying lamb from abroad rather than supporting local farmers. He pointed out that imported meat may not have been raised with the same animal welfare standards, and is more likely to contain additives such as hormone growth promoters.

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