Environmental Volunteers training and networking

South Lanarkshire Environmental Volunteer Network consists of volunteer groups throughout South Lanarkshire involved with projects in their local environment and greenspaces. At the moment 25 different volunteer groups carry out projects like managing Local Nature Reserves, taking part in horticulture and allotments, Beautiful Scotland in Bloom etc.

Save Gilbertfield

Save Gilbertfield is a protest group activated by local tenants and residents of Lightburn and Halfway.  It's against two housing proposals firstly on Gilbertfield Farm stretching 45 acres with 350 houses threatened and Lightburn Road site with 100 houses planned.   Residents fear subsidence and risk of flooding as well as the increased traffic congestion, loss of wildlife and environmental damage.  The Group meet on a Thursday at 6.30 pm in Halfway (round the corner from the library). All new supporters are very welcom

Make over for 'stalled' sites

Glasgow City Council, thanks to Green Councillors there, now has a policy to support the improvement of 'stalled' development sites into greenspaces, orchards, allotments or other things the community wants. Here it is

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