Greens ask: What's making people eat cheap, poor quality meat?

News date: 
17th Feb 2013

Behind the food scare stories there lies a fundamental question about why people buy cheap food without knowing its origins. Asking around some Green activists has produced the following thoughts.

South Lanarkshire Council cuts update

The Executive Committee met on 31st  January and agreed the budget cuts for the forthcoming year. The Leader of the Council presented a paper with proposals to remove certain proposals from the list of options and to alter proposed charges. This paper was agreed, however, there are still many serious cuts and Greens remain opposed to the cuts which will affect many vulnerable people.

Why more equal societies are almost always better

Podcast: The Spirit Level lecture
If you missed last week's lecture with Professor Richard Wilkinson, author of 'The
Spirit Level', here's a chance to listen to it and see the presentation.

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