Fairtrade congratulations to Strathclyde Fire and Rescue & Calderglen High

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue were awarded a certificate recently for their efforts to promote fairtrade. This was just one visit to Lanarkshire made by the Scottish Fairtrade Forum, who also brought macadamia nut producer, Ken from Malawit to visit Calderglen High's fairtrade group. Check out the latest e-newsletter at www.scottishfairtradeforum.org.uk

Countdown to 2012 - Scotland Fairtrade Nation campaign

Scotland pledged to become a fairtrade nation by 2012. The Scottish Fairtrade Forum is looking for anything new you will be doing for fairtrade in 2011. Whether it's buying fairtrade chocolates for mothers day for the first time or converting your workplace or school to fairtrade products, they want to know. Contact them at the website above.

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