Hunter House

Hunter House: tell us what you think

News date: 
15th Aug 2011

The now closed Hunter House Museum in East Kilbride is open for community bids. Local community groups think it's worth saving to preserve our history and make it a community asset for the future. We'd like you to tell us if you agree with our vision for Hunter House and what you'd like to see happen there.
Please pass it on as we need as many responses as possible.

Community option on the table for Hunter House Museum

Release date: 
1st Feb 2011
Kirsten Robb

As of 31st January and after a well supported campaign, the council has decided to close the Hunter House Museum, birthplace of the world famous Hunter Brothers. Save Hunter House campaign co-ordinator and Calderwood community councillor, Kirsten Robb, said;

Save South Lanarkshire Museums & community halls

Release date: 
10th Jan 2011
Lanarkshire Greens
Hunter House Museum

Kirsten Robb has written to the leaders of South Lanarkshire Council (1) requesting that Hunter House and other important properties set to close under council cuts should either be saved or given a 1 year reprieve to give communities the chance to develop them as their own. Greens are opposed to council cuts and believe that, whilst efficiencies can be made, services should be properly funded by raising revenue from those who can afford it.

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