Branch visit Moffat CAN

News date: 
13th Nov 2012

Five branch members enjoyed a visit to award-winning social enterprise Moffat CAN recently. Moffat CAN is a recycling and community growing project based in Moffat which employs 27 people.

Local reuse project goes from strength to strength

News date: 
30th May 2012
  • Diverted over 2,300 tonnes from landfill
  • Reuse 80% materials & Recycle 20%

Dovesdale Incinerator group step up the campaign

News date: 
30th May 2012

Just read the no to Dovesdale Incinerator campaign's recent newsletter. They have been so busy on a number of fronts - fundraising, meeting wth MSPs, making representations to SEPA, meeting with campaigners across Scotland etc. It's really inspiring but also hard work....so they need your help - check out www.dovesdaleincinerator.info.

Waste and recycling

Janet supports the "reduce, reuse, recycle" approach to managing waste
Janet will:

Cut your waste in Lanarkshire

I met Jonathan a few weeks ago. He's the Zero Waste Volunteer Coordinator at SLan CAN, Part of Moffat CAN, Tel 07761 990813, www.moffatcan.org. He has a great display and loads of freebies to help reduce your household waste and save money - he can come out to your events or your group and you can also volunteer with them to learn all about waste reduction.

Dovesdale Incinerator update

News date: 
3rd Dec 2011

Just read the No two Dovesdale Incinerator update. You can read it at www.dovesdaleincinerator.info - they have been busy on a range of fronts including developing an alternative, positive use for the site. South Lanarkshire Council are spending £469million of your cash (decided at a closed meeting by the way) sending our waste down to Runcorn near Manchester until 2014. The campaigners need and deserve your help - contact them through their website.

Dovesdale Incinerator update

Many of you objected to the Dovesdale incinerator near Stonehouse. South Lanarkshire Council passed it but they now need a licence to operate from SEPA and the consultation period for this is open. Details and how to object below:

East Mains residents to start recycling

Release date: 
1st Feb 2011
Lanarkshire Greens

In response to a Green enquiry, residents in flatted properties in Hutton Drive in East Mains, East Kilbride can now start recycling. A local resident had raised the problem of a lack of recycling facilities with Kirsten Robb, highlighting the difficulty of having to transport recyclable waste to a supermarket. Kirsten wrote to the council to ask if one of their three communal bins could be designated for recycling and got a favourable response. Residents have now been issued with a recycling bag.

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