Greens help empower Clydesdale

Green candidate for Clydesdale East, Janet Moxley, was one of the presenters at a Community Empowerment event held recently in Biggar. Janet, who chairs Friends of Burnbraes Park, and members of Lanark Playpark Action Group shared their experiences of improving their local parks.

There was considerable interest from community groups working to improve their parks at the event which was attended by representatives of groups from across Clydesdale as well as a range of politicians.

Sustainable Energy Audits for Urban Communities

This new scheme is available to not for profit organisations serving disadvantaged groups and communities in urban areas of Scotland. Support is available from a dedicated project officer to take your project from an idea to a fully complete project. So if you want to reduce the energy use in your building and find out what green technologies you can use, get in touch.

Friends of Burnbraes Park secure funding for Wildlife area

Friends of Burnbraes Park in Biggar are celebrating after securing funding to develop a neglected area of the park into a wildlife area. The area will be terraced to improve accessability and planted with a range of wildflowers and plants. Bird and bat boxes will also be installed. The groundwork will be carried out by Clydesdale Community Initiatives which provides training opportunities for young people, and various youth groups will be involved in planting. Once complete the whole community will be able to enjoy this area.

An energy revolution in South Lanarkshire?

With the cold snap, the issue of energy has got our tongues wagging here in Lanarkshire. With public sector cuts but support for renewables, why don't more councils and communities get in on the renewables act to start generating money for the local area? Green MSPs put an amendment into a debate on a low carbon economy a while back. Lanarkshire Greens also wrote to South Lanarkshire Council to ask what they are doing on renewables on their own land.
The answer? 'We're looking into it'. Indeed, great but let's see some detail and maybe if some of that 'we're looking into it' is shared with local communities, there could be benefits all round!

Hunter House: tell us what you think

News date: 
15th Aug 2011

The now closed Hunter House Museum in East Kilbride is open for community bids. Local community groups think it's worth saving to preserve our history and make it a community asset for the future. We'd like you to tell us if you agree with our vision for Hunter House and what you'd like to see happen there.
Please pass it on as we need as many responses as possible.

Big Lottery Fund Launches New Community Spaces

 Only specific postcodes are eligible so type in your postcode and check

Council set to close 118 local playparks

News date: 
14th May 2011

South Lanarkshire Council has rubberstamped the closure of many local playparks in a recent committee. A full list of parks set to close is available below. 
Greens analysis of the issue highlights some concerns.
1. The council's criteria for closure fails to take into account the number of children living in the local area.
2. The committee report doesn't mention the opportunity to engage communities in retaining or redeveloping their parks.
3. The only alternative mentioned for 'surplus sites' is selling them off.

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