Greens ask: What's your energy policy David Mundell?

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15th Apr 2013

In an article in the Lanark Gazette recently, Tory MP David Mundell says that he does see "the odd windfarm" as part of a "mixed energy solution", but is against Scotland realizing the full potential of renewables. There are concerns that his "mixed energy solution" might include gas from unconventional sources such as shale gas, coalbed methane and coal gasification, but so Mr Mundell has not elaborated. These concerns seem well founded as recent reports in the national press show that his party has received a donation of £550,000 from a Mr Ian Taylor who is CEO of Vitol, a company which is a major shareholder in Dart Energy. Dart is the company which has applied to extract unconventional gas in Scotland, including at the test site at Canonbie in David Mundell's constituency where methane leaks are currently being investigated by SEPA. It's about time Mr Mundell told his constituents what he thinks a "mixed energy solution" should be.


Renewables can provide clean energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, however Janet recognises that they raise complex issues and need to be carefully sited.

An energy revolution in South Lanarkshire?

With the cold snap, the issue of energy has got our tongues wagging here in Lanarkshire. With public sector cuts but support for renewables, why don't more councils and communities get in on the renewables act to start generating money for the local area? Green MSPs put an amendment into a debate on a low carbon economy a while back. Lanarkshire Greens also wrote to South Lanarkshire Council to ask what they are doing on renewables on their own land.
The answer? 'We're looking into it'. Indeed, great but let's see some detail and maybe if some of that 'we're looking into it' is shared with local communities, there could be benefits all round!

Courses at EK Development Trust

Building on the success of the recent vegetable growing courses, EKDT may, if there is sufficient interest,  run courses on basic bee keeping, back garden chicken keeping, seed saving, building wind turbines and solar water heating systems from scrap. If you would like to take part please contact Matthew Love on 07757706883 or at<

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