Hunter House comment

Release date: 
28th Nov 2011
East Kilbride Development Trust
Birthplace of the Hunter Brothers

A big thanks to all our supporters of EKDT's bid to keep Hunter House for broad community benefit. We did try to work together with all groups to maximise community benefit but councillors voted unanimously to sell it to the Calderwood Baptist Church who had the money up front, whilst we had to wait for grants.

Hunter House: tell us what you think

News date: 
15th Aug 2011

The now closed Hunter House Museum in East Kilbride is open for community bids. Local community groups think it's worth saving to preserve our history and make it a community asset for the future. We'd like you to tell us if you agree with our vision for Hunter House and what you'd like to see happen there.
Please pass it on as we need as many responses as possible.

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