Greens call for private rent controls in EK to tackle poverty

News date: 
12th Feb 2017
Kirsten outside housing construction site in St Leonards

Responding to last week's News spotlight on East Kilbride's housing crisis, local Green candidate Kirsten Robb (East Kilbride East) is calling on South Lanarkshire Council to introduce private sector rent controls to help tackle poverty. The Private Housing (Tenancies) Act, introduced last year, permits local authorities to do this by declaring areas as 'rent pressure zones'.

Council Debt: McClemont calls for right off

News date: 
18th Nov 2016

David McClemont, Green campaigner for Cambuslang, is calling for local authority debt to be written off after a report revealed the scale of the problem.

Greens welcome extra funding for local services but unfair council tax must be scrapped

News date: 
7th Nov 2016

Last week the Scottish Parliament backed a Green MSP amendment (1) which supported raising £100 million extra for public services by tweaking the council tax bands of those who can most afford it. The amendment also, however, put on record the serious concerns about the council tax expressed across the political parties, local government itself and the public service unions.
East Kilbride Green campaigner, Kirsten Robb, said

South Lanarkshire PPP Schools: Greens' research backs up quality concerns

News date: 
22nd Aug 2016

In the light of revelations that 10 South Lanarkshire Secondary Schools built under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Finance model have had to make repairs due to structural defects (1), South Lanarkshire Greens reveal information which questions the construction quality and are calling on the council to undertake an independent inquiry to look into how the problems occurred, similar to that Green Councillors in Edinburgh asked for after the Edinburgh schools debacle earlier this year (2)

Lanarkshire Trident Demos: Scotland must join global ban on nuclear weapons

News date: 
20th Jul 2016

 After Monday's vote at Westminster which committed the UK to renewing the Trident nuclear weapons system, the local branch of the Scottish Green Party are calling on all attending the recent demos in East Kilbride, Rutherglen, Hamilton and Biggar, to continue to work together to ensure nuclear weapons have no future in Scotland or across the world. 

Hamilton North and East By-election Results

News date: 
31st Jan 2016

Congratulations to Steven Hannigan coming fourth in the Hamilton North and East By-election held on Thursday 21st January.

Greens condemn cuts to 'Zero Waste' funding

News date: 
19th Jan 2016
Kirsten holding anti incineration poster at the proposed site

 Proposals by the Scottish Government to cut funding for initiatives that promote the recycling and reduction of waste have been criticized as unambitious by Kirsten Robb, Green MSP candidate for Central Scotland.

Steven Hannigan, SGP Candidate for the Hamilton North & East By-election

News date: 
23rd Dec 2015
Steven Hannigan, Scottish Green Party Candidate for Hamilton North & East

Steven Hannigan has been selected as our candidate for the Hamilton North & East By-election on Thursday 21st Janaury 2016. Here are a few words of introduction...
Born in Rutherglen, growing up in Cambuslang and now living in Hamilton, I have lived in South Lanarkshire all my life.  I graduated in Audio Technology with Multimedia and work as a freelance audio designer as well as in retail. Working with the public is a major perk of both of my jobs as it allows me to interact with people from all walks of life on a day to day basis.

Fracking applications denounced by Greens

News date: 
7th Dec 2015

“Scottish Greens are consistently opposed to fracking. With more Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, we will stand up for our communities and keep the pressure on. Fracking is a distraction from a cleaner, jobs rich energy future that benefits everyone, rather than a few multinationals."

Time for deeds not words on climate change

News date: 
1st Dec 2015
Greens and RIC East Kilbride at the climate change march

By the time we picked up from Hamilton, our climate action bus (courtesy of EK Community Transport) to join in the Edinburgh march was nearly full. Members of the South Lanarkshire Greens united with like minded people from Oxfam, local churches and Radical Independence Campaign East Kilbride to send a powerful message to our leaders in Paris this week:

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