An end to inconsiderate parking blocking footpaths?

News date: 
30th May 2012

Do you want to end inconsiderate parking that forces pedestrians onto the road and into the path of vehicles? Joe Fitzpatrick MSP is introducing a bill to do just that and Living Streets Scotland has set up a standard reponse form to help you tell politicians what you think - deadline is 30th June so please respond.

Walking, cycling and active travel

Active travel such as walking, cycling, canoeing and riding keeps people fit and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. To enable people to walk or travel there need to be suitable, safe routes.

New funding for paths

This new fund is to assist groups in promoting paths within their community.

Pavement maintenance high on list of local concerns

Release date: 
5th Dec 2011
Lanarkshire Greens

Pavement maintenance is one of the biggest concerns of people on the doorsteps, say local Greens. Responding to residents concerns that maintenance is being cut, local Green campaigner, Kirsten Robb, submitted a request for more information. In addition, street charity, Living Streets (1), highlighted that during the cold spell last year there were around 20,000 hospital admissions as a result of falls on snow and ice. Many older and disabled people were too frightened to venture out at all.  
Residents can report poorly maintained footpaths to 08457 406080 from 8am-6pm and outside normal hours phone 0800 24 20 24.

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