energy saving

Renewable heat money off vouchers

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment in Scotland is designed to help you afford renewable technologies for your home.

Free appliances to those in need

FURNITURE PLUS: Furniture Plus, in conjunction with Scottish & Southern Electric are providing a Free Appliance scheme. This means that people who meet any of the criteria listed in the linked document can qualify for 1 new free large electrical appliance (cooker, washing machine, fridge etc) which would be supplied and installed directly by SSE contractors.  Applications must come through Furniture Plus and meet the required criteria in order to get the appliance.

Eco-tips: Dusty Fridge Coils

Help your fridge waste less energy - and save you money - by dusting down the coils at the back. Dusty coils can waste up to 30% extra electricity. Brought to you by Friends of the Earth's Eco-tips email alert.


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