Britain's Plutonium Mountain

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Mon, 2013-03-11
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10th Apr 2013
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 £1.4 Billion plus £80 million per year of Taxpayers money goes into the nuclear black hole of Sellafield Nuclear reprocessing site. The plant was featured on BBC File on 4 recently and revealed that U.S.

Funded course inspiring young green interest

If you are under 30 years old the Green Economics Foundation has a limited number of places on a Youth in Action project running during May 2012. It bills itself as an intensive 7 day course, with field trips and the like in and around Oxford, London and the South East. It is funded by the European Union and the British Council and has a focus on employment in a greener economy.
5 first bookings for this program will be awarded our exciting, newly published, book on Green Economics and Young People!

Move Your Money Month

In March, individuals and organisations in the UK will move their money from the big banks to more ethical or socially useful alternatives. To help build a better banking system, pick a day in March, make a pledge and move your money -

Armchair activism

Here's two quick things you can do for a better world from the comfort of your chair.
Keep the pressure on

Greens back EK Pensioners rally with a 'living pension'

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1st Nov 2010
Lanarkshire Greens

Greens back EK Pensioners rally with a 'living pension'

Budget Blues

East Kilbride News
Wed, 2010-06-30

The Unison rep's assessment of the Tory/Lib 'slash and burn' budget is spot on. Scotland will pay a significant price by the uneccessary level of cuts proposed. The budget represents a massive transfer of money from poor to rich. Our public services and those most in need will suffer as benefits are frozen, unemployment soars and VAT increases.

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