Communities need a say in Mine Restoration Trust say Greens.

News date: 
23rd May 2013

The Scottish Greens have urged the Energy Minister to make sure that those communities most affected by decades of opencast coal mining in Scotland are represented on the new Scottish Mines Restoration Trust, which has been set up following the collapse of Scottish Coal.

Help us prove David Mundell wrong on renewables!

News date: 
4th Apr 2013

David Mundell says that renewables in South Lanarkshire are unpopular. We don't think they are.

Local Green activist launches new blog

News date: 
25th Mar 2013

 Clydesdale Green activist, Janet Moxley has launched a new blog to put a Green perspective on real life situations. 
Commenting on the blog Janet said " I plan to blog about interesting bits of happenstance which have made me think about how they interact with Green ideas. I'm not planning a full blown political blog, rather a blog about fairly everyday things with a twist of Greenery! "

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