unconventional gas

What is fracking and why is it used?

Fracking is a technique used to fracture rocks using high pressure fluid so that oil and natural gas can be exploited where conventional techniques cannot be used. As it plays a major role in the exploitation of unconventional gas sources, the two terms have come to be seen as synonymous.This short article briefly outlines the different types of unconventional gas and the role fracking may play in their exploitation.

Greens protest against unconventional gas.

News date: 
8th Dec 2014

Members of Lanark Greens and the Falkirk area sub-branch joined demostrators outside the Ineos refinery in Grangemouth to protest about unconventional gas developments in Scotland. New unconventional gas exploration licences were recently purchased by Ineos' controversial owner Jim Ratcliffe.

Greens ask: What's your energy policy David Mundell?

News date: 
15th Apr 2013

In an article in the Lanark Gazette recently, Tory MP David Mundell says that he does see "the odd windfarm" as part of a "mixed energy solution", but is against Scotland realizing the full potential of renewables. There are concerns that his "mixed energy solution" might include gas from unconventional sources such as shale gas, coalbed methane and coal gasification, but so Mr Mundell has not elaborated. These concerns seem well founded as recent reports in the national press show that his party has received a donation of £550,000 from a Mr Ian Taylor who is CEO of Vitol, a company which is a major shareholder in Dart Energy. Dart is the company which has applied to extract unconventional gas in Scotland, including at the test site at Canonbie in David Mundell's constituency where methane leaks are currently being investigated by SEPA. It's about time Mr Mundell told his constituents what he thinks a "mixed energy solution" should be.

Help us prove David Mundell wrong on renewables!

News date: 
4th Apr 2013

David Mundell says that renewables in South Lanarkshire are unpopular. We don't think they are.

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