We need to talk about a negative income tax

Dr Craig Dalzell
on : 
24th Jul 2016
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29th Aug 2016

SIMD interactive website

 This is a really easy interactive website to explore SIMD indicators (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) by locality and domain.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. In the last couple of years, they have done some insightful and challenging work on housing, poverty and climate justice in the UK.

Andy Wightman talk on Land Matters

Elphinston Hotel, Biggar

 Land rights campaigner Andy Wightman will be speaking on the Common Good assets of former Burghs such as Biggar, how and how to find out what these are and ensure that they are used to benefit local communities. SLC says Biggar has no Common Good Assets we believe that it does as the Public Park and the Burnbraes as well as some other sites would seem to meet the criteria. 

Greens equal pay meeting packed out.

News date: 
1st Sep 2013

Lanarkshire Greens welcomed equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine of Action for Equality Scotland to a packed public meeting which they hosted in Lanark on 29th August. Mark led the legal challenge to South Lanarkshire Council's refusal to release information on pay banding and recently won a case in the UK Supreme Court forcing the council to hand over the information and leaving it with legal bills running to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Greens host meeting with SLC equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine

News date: 
22nd Aug 2013

Lanarkshire Greens are delighted to be hosting a public meeting with equal pay campaigner Mark Irvine who won the recent equal pay FOI case against SLC, forcing them to release information on how it paid male and female staff on the same grade. After running up around £200,000 of legal fees fighting the case to the UK Supreme Court, SLC finally released information which seems to show that female staff were indeed paid less than their male counterparts. coming to talk to us at the meeting.

Supreme Court tells SLC to give information to equal pay campaigners

News date: 
29th Jul 2013

South Lanarkshire Council today lost it's appeal to the UK Supreme Court in which it tried to maintain that it could not release information which might benefit female staff making equal pay claims because this would breach data protection laws. The Information Commissioner for Scotland and the Court of Session had already told SLC to release the information, but instead of compiling the council decided to waste £200,000 of public money fighting the point.

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