Jim Sillars’ Brexit Campaign Based on False Claims

Gordon Murray
on : 
19th Jun 2016
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19th Jul 2016

 Jim Sillars’ reply (Tory party will tear itself apart if there is a Brexit, Saturday June 18) to Patrick Harvie’s excellent column last Friday, fails on several accounts, the most telling being the idea that the middle classes will protect us from future Tory attacks on workers’ rights.

Film Screening of Anti-fracking film Groundswell Rising

Biggar Snooker and Social Club, Howieson Square, Biggar (just off the High Street next to Arcadia Music).

South Lanarkshire Greens have organised a screening of Groundswell Rising in Biggar on the 8th July
Groundswell Rising is a documentary on the risks of fracking which shows how grassroots efforts have achieved bans, moratoriums, and referenda on fracking. Stanford University Professor Mark Jacobson paves the way forward globally with his Solutions Project for 100% renewable energy. Transcending the genre of environmental film, GROUNDSWELL's passionate stories inspire and empower.
All are welcome.

Don't be feart! Scotland won't be sued!

Janet Moxley
on : 
3rd Jun 2016
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3rd Jul 2016

 The SNP and its supporters seem to be getting increasingly contorted trying to explain why the party won’t clearly come out in favour of banning unconventional gas extraction. Over the last year the party and its faithful supporters have ducked and dived trying to give reasons why Scotland is going to have to put up with being fracked. This is very odd from a party whose supporters were fired up to campaign against fracking and TTIP (of which more later) after the Independence Referendum in 2014.

Why 'frack or freeze' is a false choice

councillor Mark Ruskell, Scottish Greens and MSP candidate for Mid-Scotland and Fife, responds to a CommonSpace column by Calum miller calling for more debate on fracking. He convincingly argues that energy efficient housing is the only way to address fuel poverty and reduce GHG emissions.

Fracking applications denounced by Greens

News date: 
7th Dec 2015

“Scottish Greens are consistently opposed to fracking. With more Green MSPs in the Scottish Parliament, we will stand up for our communities and keep the pressure on. Fracking is a distraction from a cleaner, jobs rich energy future that benefits everyone, rather than a few multinationals."

Siobhan Tolland: Why you must question research claiming #fracking is safe

 An article from the Common Weal by Siobhan Tolland  pointing out the pitfalls of taking research at face value. 

Getting involved in the antifracking campaign

Here  are some actions you could take to   get involved in the anti-fracking  and unconventional gas campaign:

Scotland is Against Fracking Protest

Scottish Parliament

Scotland is Against Fracking Protest, Saturday September 26th, 1pm, Scottish Parliament. Meet up with other Central region members facing fracking in our communities. 

Hands Over the Forth - Public Protest

The Forth Road Bridge

Come along and join hands across The Forth Road Bridge in support of an outright ban on Unconventional Gas and Underground Coal Gasification industries in Scotland and across the UK. 

See for more details.

Public Meeting on Fracking and Unconventional Gas Extraction

Chryston High School

There will be a Public Meeting on Fracking and Unconventional Gas Extraction hosted by North Lanarkshire Greens:

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