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SLC boss suspended amid row over £200k taxi contracts to nephew

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Sun, 2015-09-20
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20th Oct 2015
Sunday Herald
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 After a senior SLC official was suspended in a row after giving a £220,000 taxi contract to his nephew, Greens have called for greater scrutiny of council processes.

Unweaving Tangled Skeins

Dr Craig Dalzell
on : 
8th Sep 2015
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11th Oct 2015

The picture shows the Old Clock Square in Homs, Syria. Left – Before the war. Right – The ruins of the war.


Biggar Little Festival


Biggar's community led arts festival featuring a wide range of music, drama art, literature, comedy and cultural events. Full information and books at http://www.biggar-little-festival.com/

Windfarms and Minerals: Exploring benefits for biodiversity and communities in South Lanarkshire

Hamilton Racecourse

A FREE conference organised by South Lanarkshire Biodiversity Partnership to explore how developments such as windfarms can benefit biodiversity.
More information at http://www.southlanarkshirebiodiversity.co.uk/Events/conference-2012.html

Biodiversity and Paths

Mugdock Country Park, East Dunbartonshire

 This one day course will demonstrate the opportunities and possibilities for enhancing biodiversity through creative path construction and management. Run by Paths for All. FREE for community group volunteers.

Introduction to Fundraising

Pollock Park, Glasgow

This one day course aims to help you turn your community development ideas into effective fundraising applications.

Best places, best deals in East Kilbride

A range of deals across East Kilbride...definately worth a look to help you save money when out and about.


News date: 
17th Dec 2011
Empty properties

Commenting on the 'Mary Portas Queen of Shops' report into 'bringing back the bustle' to the ailing high street, Lanarkshire Greens echoed her wish that with stronger co-ordinated action, creativity and wider community involvement, our neighbourhood centres will be rejuvenated and able to flourish into the future. 

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