Local Green activist launches new blog

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25th Mar 2013

 Clydesdale Green activist, Janet Moxley has launched a new blog to put a Green perspective on real life situations. 
Commenting on the blog Janet said " I plan to blog about interesting bits of happenstance which have made me think about how they interact with Green ideas. I'm not planning a full blown political blog, rather a blog about fairly everyday things with a twist of Greenery! "

Make the Switch - Cut your energy bills

Now, this is exciting - when the Big Six energy companies might start to get scared by consumer power? Which? are running The Big Switch.  It is an attempt to marshall large numbers of prospective energy switchers to see if they can negotiate far bigger and better deals from the energy suppliers. To date, they have over 160,000 expressions of interest. There is no obligation to switch but if you are not registered by 31st March you won't be in the loop to get any offers that arise.

Green approach could prevent cuts

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17th Feb 2012
Lanarkshire Greens
Kirsten pointing at two turbines

In response to Councillors' approval of South Lanarkshire Council's budget in February, Lanarkshire Greens are calling for a bold new approach in future years in order to minimise cuts and the imposition of charges for council services. The Greens' call is based on using some of the Council's unallocated budget1 and its prudential borrowing powers to invest in renewable energy generation to raise revenue. The Democractic Independent Councillors group in Aberdeenshire have proposed a particular scheme to raise revenue from renewables2. Whilst in Woking Borough Council, England, the council has set up an energy company selling locally-generated energy to the community 

In December 2010, Kirsten Robb wrote to South Lanarkshire Council inquiring what measures the council is taking to generate income from renewables on its land. They responded saying that they were in early discussions with a number of commercial operators regarding this. Although there is little public evidence of progress on this, Greens will continue to push for such schemes to be considered.

Sustainable Energy Audits for Urban Communities

This new scheme is available to not for profit organisations serving disadvantaged groups and communities in urban areas of Scotland. Support is available from a dedicated project officer to take your project from an idea to a fully complete project. So if you want to reduce the energy use in your building and find out what green technologies you can use, get in touch.

Help with fuel bills

Amazingly, 2 out of 3 Scottish lofts don’t have enough insulation. This winter, you could save energy and money by calling the Home Energy Scotland Hotline from the Scottish Government. They’ll help you find out if you have enough insulation in your home, and whether you could do with an extra layer.

An energy revolution in South Lanarkshire?

With the cold snap, the issue of energy has got our tongues wagging here in Lanarkshire. With public sector cuts but support for renewables, why don't more councils and communities get in on the renewables act to start generating money for the local area? Green MSPs put an amendment into a debate on a low carbon economy a while back. Lanarkshire Greens also wrote to South Lanarkshire Council to ask what they are doing on renewables on their own land.
The answer? 'We're looking into it'. Indeed, great but let's see some detail and maybe if some of that 'we're looking into it' is shared with local communities, there could be benefits all round!

Friends of the Earth Final Demand on energy companies profits - please sign the petition

Have your energy bills rocketed this year?

It's because the Big Six are keeping us hooked on dirty, expensive fossil fuels and because our homes guzzle power and leak heat.
Our energy system is broken.
Just six big energy companies supply 99% of our homes.

Greens call for free insulation for all

Release date: 
20th Dec 2010
Lanarkshire Greens

The recent news from Citizens Advice Scotland (1) that one in three Scots now live in fuel poverty has led to renewed calls from the Lanarkshire Greens for government and the power companies to stop people being forced to chose between heating their homes and eating. Kirsten Robb said, “

The Power of Scotland Secured - report out

Scotland could phase out all fossil fuel and nuclear power by 2030, maintain a secure
electricity supply and generate significant revenue from renewable exports, according
to new research by one of the world's leading energy consultants, Garrad Hassan.


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