Waste reduction

Greens condemn cuts to 'Zero Waste' funding

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19th Jan 2016
Kirsten holding anti incineration poster at the proposed site

 Proposals by the Scottish Government to cut funding for initiatives that promote the recycling and reduction of waste have been criticized as unambitious by Kirsten Robb, Green MSP candidate for Central Scotland.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics

This annual publication is an accessible reference document which covers a wide range of enivronmental topics including: public attitudes and behaviours, global atmosphere, air quality, water quality, green space, waste and recycling; and is a helpful starting point for more detailed local research on the environmental impacts of energy, housing and transport policies.

Food Waste and its impacts

 This is a really informative TED talk on the environmental and economic costs of food waste, and ideas on how to reduce them!

Playing Punch and Judy with incinerator application

Hamilton Advertiser
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John Kane
Mon, 2015-11-30
Proposed location of the Whistleberry incinerator

Last week I read the Hamilton Advertiser report on the latest developments in the battle over planning consent for the proposed waste processing plant at Whistleberry Road. I was disappointed, though sadly unsurprised, to read of yet another round of finger-pointing between SNP and Labour politicians on the matter. Predictably, James Kelly of Labour blamed the SNP government. Just as predictably, the SNP's Richard Lyle blamed the Labour-led council.

Composting workshop

Whitmuir Organics, Lamancha, Scottish Borders

 Composting workshop run by Zero Waste Scotland

Crackdown on waste incinerator that breached toxic pollution limits

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Sun, 2013-01-20
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19th Feb 2013
Sunday Herald
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 Article by Rob Edwards from the Sunday Herald on enforcement notice served on the Dargavel Incinerator near Dumfries. Includes comment from D&G Green Alis Balance. Scotgen who run Dargavel also have planning consent for a similar incinerator at Dovesdale, near Stonehouse, although at present Scotgen have withdrawn their application from a licence from SEPA to operate at Dovesdale.

Branch visit Moffat CAN

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13th Nov 2012

Five branch members enjoyed a visit to award-winning social enterprise Moffat CAN recently. Moffat CAN is a recycling and community growing project based in Moffat which employs 27 people.


News date: 
15th Oct 2012

Lanarkshire Greens would like to congratulate the Action Group Against the Dovesdale Incinerator for winning a significant victory in the campaign to stop this incinerator.


SLAN CAN is an off-shoot of the successful Moffat CAN community enviromental project (run by Greens Alis and Chris Ballance). SLAN CAN is funded by Zero Waste Scotland to promote waste reduction in South Lanarkshire through talks, activities, running stands at events etc. SLAN CAN can tailor their activities to your event or group and cover the whole of South Lanarkshire.

Composting course

Wiston Lodge, Wiston, Clydesdale

  Learn about how to get the right balance between your greens and your browns. Greens produce the nitrogen and the browns carbon. Have a go at building heaps and trouble-shooting the balancing of your compost ingredients. Then we’ll guide you through making your own wormery to compost materials not suitable for the heap.

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